Hail Damaged Roof?

In Oklahoma, predicting the weather is never easy, but we can almost always rely on thunderstorms rolling through during the spring and summer months. In particularly severe storms, hail can become large enough to damage property, and residential roofs are at great risk for this type of damage. If you think you might have hail damage to your roof, you can follow our guide below to help determine what to do.

How We Identify Hail Damage

We do not advise that you get on the roof to inspect hail damage yourself. The best and safest option is to contact a local roofing professional to inspect for damage. However, if you do decide to check your roof for damage yourself, be extremely careful. Wear shoes with a firm grip to prevent slippage, and have a friend or family member on the ground to help you if needed. Our recommendation is to contact us to come out for a free estimate of repair costs.

Just because you don’t see interior leaks doesn’t mean that your roof doesn’t need to be repaired! Below are some of the techniques that can be used to check for hail damage.

  • Check for missing shingles. If the storm was strong enough to blow shingles off of the roof, it’s time to give us a call.
  • Check shingles for any obvious cracks, dents, or bruising. If a dent is found, press it gently to see if it gives in under pressure.
  • The very peak of the roof is covered with ridge cap shingles. These shingles are at higher risk for damage, since they’re parallel to the ground. If possible, check the ridge caps for damage.