When you need a new roof or repairs to your home in Oklahoma City, you can trust J&M Roofing and Exteriors to help. Our locally owned family business has provided high-quality products and workmanship since 1957. Over the years, materials and practices have changed, but our commitment to durable, high-quality roofing hasn’t.

We are an authorized residential roofing contractor recognized by several material manufacturers, including GAF and Tamko.

Residential Roofing Options

Quality Shingles

We work with premium products featuring some of the best material warranties in the industry, including the GAF Timberline series and Tamko Heritage Series. Tamko’s Heritage shingles are timeless favorites, offering the aesthetics of a wood shake roof without the weight, repair issues, and fire hazard associated with heavy tile and wood shake roofs.
Metal Roofing

We also offer various styles of custom metal panel roofing, which typically has a longer lifespan and qualifies for an impact-rated discount on your property insurance.

Roof Valleys

Our professionals are experienced in installing quality metal valley systems as well. A contractor could save a bit of money by skipping metal valleys, but we won’t compromise on that detail. We install metal valleys to help allow debris to wash off the roof and avoid potential damming, as well as to protect against the hail damage that can happen here in Oklahoma.

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